Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greenville, NC Bloggers Needed

Live in Greenville, NC?

Live the Gluten Free Lifestyle?

Interested in helping others in your city?

If you have any questions or interest writing about Greenville please email me.


Alanna said...

I'm moving there in 12 days, would love to help out when I find things! I have had Celiac my whole life..22 years and counting

Zach said...

Alanna - please email me @ so I can extend you an invite.

Anonymous said...
My name is tyeasia just diagnosed two weeks ago..i really need support and gvl area.

LizJ Yankee said...

Hi, I would just like to add that Local Yogurt is closing but SweetFrogg has many gluten free flavors of frozen yogurt.
Also Mellow Mushroom and BoneFish grill have gluten free menus.
Lowes foods has the largest choice of Gluten free grocery items to date but this week Harris Teeter seemed to really up its Gluten free choices.

On a down note, restaurants to avoid include Shogun Sushi Restaurant. The waiter told my daughter to just eat the Sushi and not worry about it, then he laughed. My daughter felt so embarrassed as she was eating out with friends and hates to ask any waiter about which items she can and cannot eat on the menu.