Sunday, February 6, 2011

frozen foods

I often order frozen foods (and pantry items, as well) online. I would love to go in with a few people so that we can save on shipping. Let me know with an email if you're interested in that! em

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SoCalGal said...

I thought I'd tell you about what we make (we're in Asheville, NC). It's a GF Pizza Kit, makes homemade pizza in 30 minutes, and a shelf item. We did the Knoxville GF Fair this saturday and the response to our pizza sampling was a home run, out of the park! We're really thrilled, yay us! The best part was that so many kids LOVED it and parents where thrilled. Earth Fare in Greenville sells our Pizza Kit. We're looking for other places in Greenville to sell, if you have any suggestions. We'd love to demo for a GF group in the area as well. our url is thanks! Susan